WC98 CZE v CANOfficial balls of the ISBHF is manufactured by D-Gel, located in Actonville, Quebec, Canada. Two versions are provided for competition. The Pro ball is hard and typically used for international competitions in warm weather climate. The Street ball is slightly softer and better used in colder climates and for young children. The dimensions of the ball are 66-70 mm with a weight of 60-70 grams.

The balls may be purchased from the following known retailers
Ostrich Sports Vienna
Island Sports Miami
National Sports
Southern Ontario
Source for Sports  Vancouver, Montreal, and Winnipeg
Strida Sports Prague, and Brno



President's note

George Gortsos

George Gortsos
ISBHF president

Germany is a great Hockey nation. With a rich tradition in our sport of ball hockey in hosting Club and world Championships. And having one of the strongest leagues in Europe.
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