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Official rulebook international play

This set of rules is generally for use with 6 v 6 (5 + goalie) play. Variations of these rules are used throughout the world depending on the size of facility, age of participants, and format of play 4 v 4, 5 v 5, etc.  The below pdf version is best view in 2-page format.

  • pdf version
    (provisional version, a completely illustrated version will follow at later stage)

Clinic materials for training referees

Canadian Version of Basic Referee Clinic is available as an instructional video for teaching referees at introductory and intermediate levels. Please note that some minor rule variations may be presented as this version is based on Canadian rules.

  • Video of Canadian Referee Clinic
    (time ??:??, file size ???mb)

Canadian Version of Referee Instruction Materials are available in either pdf or powerpoint formats on various technical points and levels of instruction:


    Learn to play materials

    LTP manual is available in pdf format and is an excellent tool for teaching the basic skills of the game, complete with diagrams and practice notes.

    Elite Rules is available in pdf format and is a summary document which reviews the major differences between street/ball hockey rules and ice hockey rules, key component of game rules, as well as information about ISBHF championships and qualification.

    Clinic materials for training coaches

    • Video of Canadian Coaching Clinictime
      (time:??:??, file size ???MB)

      President's note

      George Gortsos

      George Gortsos
      ISBHF president

      Germany is a great Hockey nation. With a rich tradition in our sport of ball hockey in hosting Club and world Championships. And having one of the strongest leagues in Europe.
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